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Road to Huaorani Community

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Huaorani Territory Tour

This is a tour specially made for those interested in learning the huaorani way of life, therefore they will be your guide for the next 6 days.  In this tour you will discover the flora and fauna of the jungle as it becomes the source of food, medicine, spiritual well being, and housing for the Huaorani people.

Download tour description: Huaorani Territory Tour


Huaorani Reserve entrance fee $20 per pax.

Transportation cost roundtrip:
     By bus from Tena-Gareno-Tena $ contact us
     By Taxi Tena-Gareno-Tena $ contact us

TOUR PRICES: Include meals, lodging, and guide.  Transportation not included.


1 Pax

2 to 4 Pax

5 or more Pax

6 Day, 5 Nights

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contact us

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