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Sunset near Gareno

Tel: 593-062877483

 cell phone: 593-939942721 or 593-95612225

mail:    gareno-e


Gareno Lodge is 77 km east of Tena on the road that goes to the new International Airport of Tena.  To access the lodge it is necessary to contact us since the access to the Huaorani forest is gated by the Ecuadorian oil company Petroecuador.  This arrangement prevents the exploitation of the wood resources inside the Huaorani reserve and provides a hi level of security to all visitors.

Cell phone: 593-939942721 or 593-95612225

Home phone: 593-062877483

Contact by e-mail:

Gareno Lodge is a family business.  It is owned and operated by Sandro Aguinda and his family.  They have signed a contract with the Huaorani people of Gareno to use their land and forest to provide an eco-tourism operation that helps the Huaorani as well as the Aguinda family.  This operation has provided mutual benefits for 7 years which continue to strengthen their relationship. 

Sandro Aguinda started his carrier in tourism 10 years ago as a nature guide with Sacha Lodge.  Later he became interested in the birds and finally sprung his own business with the help of his family and the Huorani.  Today he is a professional birding guide that can quickly find the birds using his keen hearing, sight, and accurate knowledge of the jungle.


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Sandro Aguinda